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Gabby, Matteo, and Noah


We are Matteo Nati and Gabby Molloy, and with our son Noah, we run an Agriturismo specialising in Mountainbike accommodation based in the beautiful Finale Ligure region in western Italy.

Our apartment is situated amongst our traditional family land where we produce our own fruit, berries, nuts, olive oil, vegetables, firewood, and honey. All products are grown organically (bio) following permaculture principles with the aim of restoring the land and ensuring it is vibrant and abundant for future generations.

We are situated in Tovo San Giacomo, 17020, Italy




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The 3 Bedroom Apartment can be booked by room at €50 per person/night, or book the Entire apartment for €200 including four guests. Additional guests at €40 per person/night. Apartment sleeps eight people.


Room 1 “Primo” - King bed + single bed  -  OR 3 x Single beds €50 per person/night


Room 2 “Secondo” - King bed + single bed - OR 3 x Single beds €50 per person/nightBACK ROOM


Room 3 “Terzo” - King bed + single bed - OR 3 x Single beds €50 per person/night

There are two bathrooms in the apartment, complete kitchen and an outdoor terrace with the most spectacular 360 degree view over the neighbouring gardens and mountains where the MTB tracks are situated, all the way down to the sparkling Mediterranean coast.

We are situated just above Bardino Nuovo which is where Matteo was born and raised, and is a scenic ten minute drive from the hustle and bustle of the coast. We have found that guests love the peace and quiet of the countryside here and the ease of being able to roll out the door on their bikes straight into tracks. We are close to the end of Roller Coaster, Isallo Ecstasy/Fast & Furious, Tobogga, and close to the start of Madonna delle Guardia & Cacciatore.


Likewise if biking isn’t your thing, you can hike or climb the many local tracks including our own spectacular Via Ferrata situated in the next valley over, or sample the hundreds of world class rock climbing crags in the Finale Outdoor Region. If you’d prefer some cultural activities, local Finale and Finalborgo are medieval villages situated near the coast full with castles, shops selling local products, deli’s, gelaterias, bars, museums, and some of the most beautiful beaches in Italy. The Finale Region consistently receives an annual blue flag for its water purity.

In Bardino Nuovo there are two local supermarket/dairys, two pizzeria/restaurants, and a local bar. We are also situated close to one of the bus stops for the bike shuttles which saves a drive down to Finale Ligure. Shuttles need to be booked in advance.

Onsite we have a WORKSHOP for bikes and space to store and charge bikes/ebikes. Matteo is a fulltime MTB World Cup Race mechanic and can be of assistance in the case of mechanical issues.

If you are in need of technical assistance, Gabby has almost 20 years experience in coaching and runs MTB SKILLS Finale. To arrange a lesson whatsapp Gabby +39 345 342 7586.

Both Gabby and Matteo work part-time as guides on the tracks and have extensive knowledge of local tracks.

The weather is sunny 99% of the time and a trip to the Finale Outdoor Region never fails to deliver.


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MTBiking & Workshop


Want to have your bike set up and suspension dialled in by the best? Book a telemetry session with THE WRENCH and spend the day with Matteo Nati, 12 year World Cup MTB mechanic. There is also the option to have the bike serviced and set up. While Matteo is working on your bike you can ask questions and learn what tips and tricks the pro's use on different terrains.

Learn about suspension set ups, and how to tune yours for your riding style. Learn how to record your settings and have the opportunity to use the new Telemetry Technology to read your suspension live on track and make adjustments to get it perfect for you.

Matteo has worked on the World Cup MTB Circuit since 2013, with riders such as Dan Atherton, Jerome Clementz, Martin Maes, Wyn Masters and many others.

Gabby & Matteo have a MTB workshop and MTB Accomodation opening in 2024 at their home in Finale Ligure where you can stay, get your bike set up and working perfectly, then hit the trails with Gabby of MTB SKILLS Finale for a lesson or book a shuttle and enjoy the insanely good riding that Finale has to offer.

*Bike servicing

*Suspension advice and set-up

*Bike set-up

*Suspension service





Gardens & Produce

Our family gardens, orchards and olives groves produce fruits such as peaches, apricots, pears, apples, plums, feijoas, avocadoes, guavas and nashis. We have berry fences comprised of blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and lesser known tay and aronia berries.

Our olive trees are over 100 years old and have been passed down from Matteo’s grandfather Iose who was the master gardener and caretaker of our land. The olive trees produce all of our family’s olive oil and some for sale.

We maintain an extensive vegetable garden and orchards in the summer months, supplying our family and the B&B during the Summer and Autumn seasons. Please note that because we travel back and forth to New Zealand every year we don't have vegetables available year round.

We keep bees to help maintain healthy, stable bee populations in our area, and to pollinate our plants and when possible, provide us with delicious golden honey.

Nearby we have a family forest with hazelnuts and chestnuts and we actively manage it to keep our store of firewood for the winter and have a wild space for Noah to play. All of our products are grown organically (bio) following permaculture principles with the aim of restoring the land and ensuring it is vibrant and abundant for future generations.


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Contact Gabby
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Tovo San Giacomo 17020, Italy